Dropship By Benhalex (DBB)

If you would like to participate in Dropship By Benhalex (DBB), you will need the following:
  • Your own FTP server
  • Valid USA Sales Tax Certificate (If located outside the USA, please contact sales representative below)
DBB will require the following information about your server:
  • FTP Server Host
  • FTP Server Username
  • FTP Server Password
You need to have the following directory structures in your FTP server, titled EXACTLY as it is
  • DBB Product Info
  • DBB Customer Orders
  • DBB Tracking

Once your directory structure is setup and we have access to your FTP server, we will export our
Product Info every few minutes as a .csv file to your DBB Product Info directory. Product Info
contains product information such as name, description, and most importantly, quantity in stock.
With this information, you can start to upload our items to your marketplace in any way you see fit.

Of course, you will have to upload our product information at least daily to your marketplace, or risk
selling out of stock items. There are services that will adjust the quantity in your marketplaces
automatically by importing and exporting files automatically from your FTP server —we would
suggest ecomdash.

After our products are officially listed in your marketplace and you start receiving orders, you will
have to edit the .csv file in your DBB Customer Orders directory for us to start the fulfillment
process. Our DBB server will check this folder and import your new customer orders every few
minutes. The .csv file format must match exactly as shown below.

Once we fulfill your orders, tracking will be exported from our server, into your directory titled DBB
Tracking. This .csv file will contain your order numbers as well the tracking number associated with
it. Once you have that, you can manually copy and paste the tracking numbers into your marketplace
orders, or you can have ecomdash automatically import the tracking numbers from your DBB
Tracking directory.


If you are interested, please contact dropship@benhalex.com for instructions on how to get started.