Fenix E18R Rechargeable LED Flashlight, Max 750 Lumens, Low 5 Lumens #E18R

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The new Fenix E18R is truly an impressive flashlight. You get a maximum 750 lumens from a 2.36-inch flashlight, weighing only 1.17 ounces (without the battery) AND it is rechargeable via an included magnetic charging cable. You can always trust the construction of a Fenix flashlight. The oxidation-resistant aluminum box and ultra-thin optical lens are built to withstand every-day use as well as the harshest elements. The E18R operates with two battery sources: the recommended rechargeable 16340 battery or a CR123 as a back-up source or a source when in below-freezing temperatures. You will want to add the E18R to your EDC line-up. The size and output make the E18R perfect for hiking, camping, fishing, and industrial use.

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