KA-BAR Large Glass Filled Sheath, Large, Fits 7" Blades, Black #1216

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The 1216 SGF sheath is constructed out of a tough reinforced glass filled nylon which provides a hard surface that protects the knife while traveling through rough and harsh terrains. The sheath has a built in guard edge snap ridge as well as a handle snap retention strap to provide double security protection. The sheath is resistance to impact, corrosion, and abrasion. Its all-weather performance, and being imperviousness to most chemicals, petroleum-based products, and moisture, including salt water makes it very popular for wet areas or as a under water diving sheath. It has several lashing ports which provides multiple tie-down options including upside down in a shoulder area or strapped to a LBV, BA, as well as the traditional belt loop mount. The sheath will fit all full size 7" fixed blade KA-BAR knives. Sheath is embossed with the KA-BAR brand name.