KA-BAR Leather Sheath, USMC Logo-Brown, Fits Knife, w/5¼" Blade #1250S

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KA-BAR Short Brown Leather USMC Knife Sheath 3-1250S-2 is a flexible but durable method of carrying your knife on your belt or vest. Crafted from genuine brown leather, this KA-BAR knife sheath will keep your knife close at hand and its edge safely tucked away. KA-BAR Leather US Marines Knife Sheath for 5.25" Knife Blades has been designed for KA-BAR's series of full-sized tactical and utility knives with a 5.25 inch blade, allowing you to easily carry them in and out of the field, and its United States Marine Corps stamp allows you to show your loyalty to your favorite branch of service. This knife sheath will mount easily to your belt, making your knife readily accessible for action. Carry your full-sized tactical knife in style and security with the KA BAR Short Leather United States Marines Stamp Brown Knife Sheath.

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