Lewis N. Clark Global Adapter, Dual USB Charger, 175+ Countries #EK150

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This all-in-one adapter plug includes multiple configurations and safety features so you can travel all over the world without needing to bring several different adapters. The two USB ports make it simple to charge more than one electronic device, including phones and tablets, which is especially useful when you’re traveling frequently. The convenient cube shape allows you to find it easily in your luggage, and a light will appear to let you know that the adapter plug is plugged in securely and receiving power. The different prongs pop out using the push/slide button depending on the country you’re traveling to, and they retract when you’re done so there’s less risk of damaging them. With this compact solution for global travelers, you won’t have to carry around a bag of different adapters for the destinations on your trip; you can simply bring this global adapter with dual USB charger.

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