Smith's Abrasives 4-inch Diamond Sharpening Stone w/ Cover 750 Fine Grit #50363

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Smith's new 4” Diamond Sharpening Stone (item # 50363) features Smith’s patented interrupted diamond surface which speeds the sharpening process by collecting and holding the metal filings removed from the knife or tool edge during sharpening. This keeps the sharpening surface clean and working effectively. The 4” Diamond Sharpening Stone also comes with a Micro-Tool Sharpening Pad for sharpening the tips of your knife blade and small tools, a straight-line sharpening groove for fishhooks and pointed objects, and a stone cover that doubles as a base when not covering the stone. It is excellent for sharpening even the hardest steel blades and works best on small to medium hunting knives, tactical knives, and everyday pocket knives. Sharpening Instructions: 1. Cover surface of the stone with a sharpening lubricant, water or honing oil, if preferred. Place your blade flat on the end of your stone. Raise the back of your knife to an approximate 20-degree angle. (Fig. 1) 2. PUSH the blade AWAY from you, just like you are trying to carve a thin slice off the top of the stone. Don’t be afraid to use pressure against the stone while sharpening since it will not damage the stone or your knife. Repeat this PUSHING stroke three or four times. Remember, try to keep the same approximate sharpening angle all the time since this is the key to obtaining the sharpest edge. (Fig. 2) WARNING: Keep fingers and hands away from knife blade during sharpening or injury may occur. 3. To sharpen the other side of your knife place your blade at the opposite end of your stone and repeat steps 1 and 2 , but instead of pushing the knife away from you pull it towards you as shown. (Fig. 3) Continue sharpening both sides of your blade equally until sharp. 4. To sharpen FISH HOOKS, lay point of fish hook flat in the groove and move the hook back and forth in a filing motion. (Fig. 4) Protective Cover: can be removed and inserted into the base to extend the stone base (Fig. 5). This allows for a more secure grip on the stone base and keeps your fingers away from the knife blade during sharpening. Click the "Download User Manual" button above to see illustrations that go with these sharpening instructions. Care & Storage:
  • Always dry your diamond stone surface after each use and before storing.
  • Occassionally clean your stone with soapy water and a mild brush.