UVEX Protégé Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses, SCT-Orange Lens #S4204X

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Less Eye Strain & Better Sleep: These Protégé Computer Glasses effectively block out the blue light wavelengths that emanate from electronics such as laptops, computers, tablets, smart phones, gaming consoles and other sources. This reduces the strain on your eyes and helps prevent cataracts and other eye problems. It also allows your body to create more melatonin, resulting in a better night’s sleep. Longwearing Comfort: Our Protégé model features an an ultra-light design and proprietary floating lens technology for improved fit and flexibility. Soft nose pads are also present to help prevent slippage, along with temple tip pads for enhanced comfort. SCT-Orange Lens Uvex proprietary Spectrum Control Technology (SCT) absorbs 99.8% of blue light wavelengths, as well as violet and green wavelengths. Clear “blue light blocking lenses” only filter about 5-10% of blue light, making them much less effective than our SCT-Orange Lens for viewing laptops, computers, tablets, smart phones, gaming consoles etc. More Contrast = Better Focus Protégé's SCT-Orange Lens allows you to see more screen contrast with sharper details. This means your eyes don't have to work as hard, which reduces eye strain so you can work longer & more comfortably. Protects Your Eyes Prolonged exposure to blue light not only causes eye fatigue, it can also contribute to cataracts and other forms of macular degeneration. This is especially true in dark environments like when you're working at night. Protégé's SCT-Orange Lens helps inhibit these degenerative processes. Better Sleep Artificial blue light can suppress melatonin production, disrupting your biological clock and impacting your sleep cycle. Uvex Protégé Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses will allow your body to create the melatonin it needs, resulting in a better night’s sleep. Reduced Slippage Glasses that slide down your nose require frequent pushing back up, which is irritable and can also cause chafing. Protégé's soft, flexible nose fingers help prevent slippage and promote longwearing comfort. Fit & Comfort Ill-fitting eyewear can also cause chafing and discomfort behind the ears. Protégé's soft temple tip pads help ensure a secure fit and comfort during extended wear. Wraparound Floating Lens Our Protégé model features wraparound design to help block out even peripheral blue light. The flexible brow is designed to fit most sizes and shapes, and the proprietary floating lens design offers enhanced flexibility. Ultra-Light Design Eyewear that is too heavy for your face can also cause fatigue. Protégé's extremely lightweight design (one ounce/27.5 grams) keeps you comfortable for as long you wear them.

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