Smith's Interlocking Ceramic Wheels Cleaning Brush for Knife Sharpeners #50179

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Use this brush for cleaning the interlocking ceramic wheels on the Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener (item # 50281) and the Ceramic Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener (item # 50245). The ceramic wheels will need to be cleaned twice annually, or more often if you sharpen regularly, to remove the buildup of the metal particles from the surface of the wheels. If you don’t clean the wheels, their cutting capabilities could diminish. Use only this cleaning brush to clean the ceramic wheels. Instructions for Use: Step 1. Dampen the felt portion of the brush slightly. Squeeze excess water from the brush before running it through the machine. DO NOT ALLOW WATER TO DRIP INTO THE MACHINE. Step 2. Turn on the machine and run the brush through the interlocking wheels in the same manner as you do a knife blade. Apply very light pressure when pulling the felt brush through the slot and pull the brush through slowly. The white felt should be black when it comes out of the slot and the interlocking wheels will be white again. Step 3. Repeat if necessary.

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