3M Peltor 6S Tactical Hearing Protector, Black, Behind-the-Head, 19 NRR #97043

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The Peltor Tactical 6S hearing protector from 3M offers comfort, performance, and protection. Its low-profile ear cups make the Tactical 6S an ideal choice for long gun shooters. The protector's electronics limit amplified sounds to 82 dBA while active volume provides distortion free amplification of low-level sounds up to 19 dBA. Stereo microphones provide enhanced sound detection, and it features independent volume controls on each cup. The Tactical 6S serves many purposes for individuals who are around high-decibel sounds for a prolonged period of time. With active volume hearing technology, the Tactical 6S allows wearers to be adaptive to the environment and alert to low-decibel noises such as others voices. Whether on the range, hunting in the woods, or working in the garage, your hearing protection should instill you with confidence that safety is accounted for. Why Use Hearing Protection? Hearing loss due to noise is almost entirely preventable by judicious use of hearing protection. To find out which hearing protection products are best for you, try different devices from the wide variety available today. Be sure to carefully read the instructions — hearing protection must fit properly and be worn correctly to do the job. Hearing protector effectiveness is specified by a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), typically ranging from 15 to 35 decibels. In practice, the protection that normally can be achieved is about 10 to 20 decibels. The more carefully you fit and wear hearing protectors, the higher your protection will be. About 3M Peltor 3M Peltor Brand began more than 50 years ago and boasts a broad selection of personal safety products designed for shooters and hunters. From tactical hearing protection and earplugs to eye protection, the 3M Peltor Brand offers quality products, innovative technology and materials designed for comfort, fit and performance.

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