KA-BAR G10 Becker Handle Set, For Full Size Becker Knives, USA #BK2VZ

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Upgrade your full size Becker knives with these contoured, textured G10 handles made by *****. One pair of scales per order. Work with standard hardware. Handle Cap Screws: 10 - 32 x 5/8" Nuts: 10 - 32 Allen Wrench size: 5/32 Made in the USA. Designer Information: Ethan Becker is a man after our own heart. An avid outdoorsman who enjoys martial arts and hunting, Becker founded Becker Knife and Tool Corporation in the early 1980's to design the industrial-strength tactical and survival knives he'd always wanted for himself. What we love about Becker, other than his innovative designs, is that he spends so much time in the outdoors testing new equipment and designs. KA-BAR is proud to be the manufacturer of Becker Knife & Tool products - all brought up to date and approved by Becker himself.