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MAGLITE Solitaire LED Key Chain Flashlight, Presentation Box, Gray #J3A092

MAGLITE Solitaire LED Key Chain Flashlight, Presentation Box, Gray #J3A092

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Why would you want to carry a key chain flashlight when you have your phone light? Because you don't want to drain your phone battery using it as a light in a power-less situation. Your phone is your lifeline. Don't kill it. The iconic Solitaire LED Flashlight by Maglite is designed to fit perfectly on your key chain, backpack or purse. Not only is it known for its legendary performance - there's nothing else that has been nor will ever be designed like it. Since it was introduced in 1988, it quickly rose to iconic status. A Maglite flashlight is that iconic! Now that your phone is pretty much your lifeline these days, you can't afford to not have a Solitaire LED Flashlight on you, at all times. For a really small flashlight, its beam throw is 50 yards (46m). That's half a football field! And it will run nonstop for almost 2 hours on just 1 AAA battery. It comes in several colors so you can pick one that fits your style and make your statement! Get one for yourself, your friends, your family, your cat - whoever you can think of.

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