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Smith's Carbide Replacement Blade, Left, Precision Grind, SINGLE BLADE #C10013

Smith's Carbide Replacement Blade, Left, Precision Grind, SINGLE BLADE #C10013

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Carbide Replacment Blade - Left These are carbide replacement blades for the Smith's JIFFY-Pro Sharpener (item #50185), Smith's Pocket Pal X2 Sharpener and Survival Tool (item # 50364 & 50411), and Smith's JIFF-V-Sharp Knife & Scissors Sharpener (item # 50170 & 50270). Tungsten Carbide Blades put a quick sharp edge on dull or damaged knives. These carbide blades are precision ground to provide a smoother, more consistent sharp cutting edge on your knife blade. They also sharpen your blade quicker than standard carbide blades. There is a left side blade and a right side blade, so you have to purchase both blades for replacement. C10013 is the left side blade. C10014 is the right side blade. These blades only go in specific side and only fit a certain way. Please note, you cannot put the left side blade (C10013) into the right side cavity on the units, and vice versa. These blades are replaceable only. Replacement Instructions:
  • Remove the Phillips head screw(s) and cover over the blades. Save for re-assembly.
  • Remove the existing carbide blades and discard.
  • Insert new carbide blades with sharp edge of grind facing into v-slot. This applies on both sides.
  • Replace the cover and Phillips head screw(s). Tighten screw(s).
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