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SureFire Titan Plus Ultra-Compact Keychain Flashlight, Silver #TITAN-B

SureFire Titan Plus Ultra-Compact Keychain Flashlight, Silver #TITAN-B

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The refined, ultra-compact Titan Plus builds upon our groundbreaking Titan, the worlds first professional-grade keychain flashlight, by adding several useful "pluses," including more than twice the maximum output-300 lumens of flawless white light! Its high-performance LED also generates two other useful light levels with a simple twist of the head switch: 75 lumens at its medium setting and 15 lumens on low. No matter which output level you select, our proprietary faceted reflector shapes the LEDs light into wide, smooth MaxVision Beam. And, because there are no intense hot spots and its optimized for your field of view, you see things clearly and maintain good situational awareness-crucial for closer-range tasks and safe navigation. Titan Plus may be small and stylish, but it is constructed of durable nickel-plated brass that resists scratching and corrosion. This rugged light features a removable pocket clip that provides countless secure-carry options, because you'll want to take this light everywhere you go. It also includes a stainless steel split ring for your keys-it is a keychain light after all. Powered by its included AAA NiMH rechargeable battery, Titan Plus can run for up to seven hours before it needs a charge. Or, for added convenience when recharging isn't an option, it can be powered by a single disposable AAA alkaline, readily available worldwide. Activating Titan Plus is as easy as twisting its head switch counterclockwise for low output. For medium output, simply return to off by rotating the switch clockwise, then counterclockwise again within one second. Repeat the process a third time to unleash all 300 lumens from its microprocessor-controlled LED.
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