Zippo Zipped, Black Ice Finish with Zippo Logo, Genuine Windproof Lighter #21088

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For years, people have been coming to Zippo with design ideas for windproof lighters. In 2010, the company gave them a chance to produce a fresh design. The result is the Zippo Zipper, an attractive black lighter with a zipper graphic. Artist Joseph DeBono explained, "Like George G. Blaisdell, I toyed with the word zip and several ideas came out of that. I came up with five ideas on how to do 'Zipper.' I finally decided on doing the zipper on the lid and did my best to make it look attractive. I wondered if it would be better with Zippo written somewhere, so I just embossed it on the clip." The Zippo Zipper comes in a black ice finish and is fully windproof.

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