(12-Cans) 4 oz/118 ml Each (4FC), Zippo Fuel Fluid For All Pocket Lighters #3341

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Zippo is proud to introduce its new formula fuel with improved performance; we call it “Cool Fuel.” It burns cleaner and lights faster, but the most noticeable aspect is the reduced odor. This is a great benefit to hunters who want to keep man-made scents to a minimum. Also, some cigar smokers felt that the old Zippo fuel imparted an aftertaste that detracted from the flavor of the cigar. The new fuel is hardly detectible! Cool Fuel is more highly refined than the previous fuel and is distilled from cosmetic grade petroleum. The result is that it is less irritating to the skin. Cool! This product is for all Zippo Pocket lighters. It is not for use with MPL-Multi Purpose Zippo Lighters.

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