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3M Scotch Commercial Grade Shipping Packaging Tape 1.88 inch x 54.6 yard #3750-CS36ST

3M Scotch Commercial Grade Shipping Packaging Tape 1.88 inch x 54.6 yard #3750-CS36ST

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  • CASE VALUE PACK: Case of 36 rolls of Scotch® Commercial Grade Tape with 1 Scotch® Heavy Duty Foam Grip Dispenser

  • ONE STRIP AND IT SHIPS: You don’t need layers of tape to get the job done - just one strip each seam top and bottom - so you save time

  • REFILL AGAIN AND AGAIN: Refillable and easy to reload

  • SHARP BLADE: Premium stainless steel blade for ease of cutting tape with a slight twist of the wrist

  • ADJUSTABLE TENSION: Tension dial for ease of use and adjustable control for smooth tape dispensing experience

  • 3" CORE SIZE: 3" rolls designed to be used with dispenser that holds 3” core packaging tape roll up to 2” wide

  • STURDY FRAME: Durable, stainless-steel frame for heavy duty performance with plastic parts for optimizing weight

  • FOAM GRIP: Cushioned foam handle for comfort, especially when packing up many boxes

  • MOST TRUSTED BRAND: Scotch® Brand is the Most Trusted, Most Recommended and Most Preferred brand of Packaging Tape in the USA, based on a 2022 Scotch Brand Health Study of Packaging Tape Purchasers

  • BEST-SELLING: Scotch® Brand is America's #1 selling Packaging Tape Brand, based on NPD 2022 full year packaging tape category sales

When it's critical that your important packages arrive securely intact, depend on the super strong, reliable seal of Scotch® Commercial Grade Shipping Packaging Tape. Strong solvent-free adhesive combined with a thick sturdy backing assures reliable closures and can stand up to the toughest demands of shipping applications. Designed with industrial grade adhesive, one strip at a time instead of many layers seals your package securely. Resistance to splitting and slivering saves time, while a release coating makes unwind easy. Tough jobs demand the right tools. For packaging boxes, Scotch® Commercial Grade Shipping Packaging Tape is the best tool for jobs that demand heavy duty performance. Case of 36 rolls of tape with one Scotch(R) Heavy Duty Foam Grip Packaging Tape Dispenser included.



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