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Cold Steel

Cold Steel Latin Machete 18" Sheath Only #SC97AM18

Cold Steel Latin Machete 18" Sheath Only #SC97AM18

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A machete is a very useful tool, but can be dangerous if not stored properly. A quality sheath, such as the 18" Latin Machete Sheath by Cold Steel, is necessary to keep you and others safe when your machete is not in use. This sheath normally sold with the Cold Steel 18" Latin Machete, but it also fits a variety of other machetes. The 18" Latin Machete Sheath is made of heavy Cordura Nylon and will withstand a good amount of use. It has a snap buckle that snaps onto the machete handle, securing your machete. There is also a belt loop, giving you a way to carry the machete and the sheath. If you're looking for a quality sheath for your machete, but don't want to spend a fortune on a leather sheath, the Cold Steel 18" Latin Machete Sheath may be just what you are looking for.
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