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Cold Steel

Cold Steel Mini Tac Tanto Serrated Knife + Sheath #49HTFS

Cold Steel Mini Tac Tanto Serrated Knife + Sheath #49HTFS

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Cold Steel's Mini Tac Neck Knives are so slim and lightweight they can be comfortably worn practically 24 hours a day! With their rugged Secure Ex sheaths, specially designed to snugly retain the knife while allowing a speedy draw, they can perform as a handy utility or camp blade, every day carry knife or rescue tool. Each Mini Tac has thin high-quality textured Griv-Ex handle scales. This feature allows them to lie flat and close against the body while still providing a positive gripping surface. When these scales are combined with integral sub hilt they give the fingers of the hand incredible purchase and facilitate a remarkably secure grip that resists rolling or twisting.


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