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Flitz All Metal Pre Clean Spray, 16 oz Spray Bottle #AL01706

Flitz All Metal Pre Clean Spray, 16 oz Spray Bottle #AL01706

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Clean aluminum, diamond-plate, and all metals like magic. Makes fast work of crud and gets you ready for polish in minutes, not hours! Non-flammable. organic salts formula. Unmatched for its performance on aluminum (will not dull or haze) and diamond-plate. Safe for use on painted & fiberglass surfaces too.

Safer than traditional acid-based cleaners. Just spray & rinse. Product will continue to work on the surface until rinsed. You MUST rinse the surface with water after application and neutralize the formula to prevent and encroachment on the surface itself. After the surface is cleaned you must follow up with a polish or wax to keep it from quickly re-tarnishing.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is a cleaner only. It is not a polish.

Not for: Patina finishes. If you have an oil-rubbed fixture or hand-hammered copper sink that has had an artificial patina applied, DO NOT use this product on it. This product will remove the patina!

Heavily-Encrusted Corrosion
Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride
Rust, Calcium, Lime Scale
Tarnish, Grease, Oil & Water Stains
Safe on:
Glass, Aluminum, Fiberglass
Stainless Steel, Painted & Enamel Finishes
Tile, Brass, Copper
Acrylics & Plastic
Excellent for use on:
Fuel Tanks, Mag Wheels, Alcoa Wheels,
Diamond Plate, Framing, Step Plate,
Engine Parts, Rusted Steel,
Car Wash Bays and Walls,
Snowmobile Tunnels,
Fiberglass Boats, Outboard Engines,
Outdrives, Water-stained Windows
Concrete Equipment & Trucks

Not For: Marble, Granite, Jura, Travertine or Terrazzo.

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