Flitz Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit, Washable/Reusable #HR31501

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When it comes to Headlight Restoration Kits, the choice is Clear. Best of all - YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF! Instructions: For acrylic headlights that are faded/yellowed: 1. Apply a thin layer of the Flitz Polish to the surface of your headlight. 2. With the 3-inch Mini BuffBall attached to your drill (run at a minimum of 1800rpm up to maximum of 2500rpm), apply slight pressure & buff with back & forth motion over headlight. 3. Repeat if necessary. For acrylic headlights with distressed clearcoat & extreme fading/yellowing: 1. Moisten the ultra fine scuff pad enclosed with Headlight Restoration Kit with water. 2. Buff the surface of the headlight with the moistened pad in a back & forth motion. 3. Wipe residue away and proceed with steps 1-3 shown in first instruction paragraph above.

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