Howard Leight Impact Sport Folding Electronic Earmuff, 22dB NRR, Teal #R-02521

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The Howard Leight Impact Sport is designed to keep your ears protected while provide you with the ability to have a conversation while at the range. These unique folding electronic earmuffs amplify range commands, and normal conversation to a safe 82dB while shutting out dangerous loud noises like gun shots. The impact sport line of earmuffs employs a built-in directional microphone providing more natural listening and enhancing communication. The Impact Sport run a three AAA batteries and feature a four hour automatic shut off. Pick up a pair today and hear the Howard Leight difference. Impact Sport vs Impact Bolt:
  • Impact Sport
    • Analog
  • Impact Bolt
    • Digital
    • 250 times faster attack time than Impact Sport
    • Fastest on the market
    • Bolt comes with additional cushions, belt clip, and aux cable batteries

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