Howard Leight Hygiene Kit for Impact Sport Earmuffs like R-01526 #1015280

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Instead of buying a whole new earmuff, you can save money with the Howard Leight by Honeywell Hygiene Kit for Impact Sport and Sync Radio Earmuffs. This kit includes one pair of our specially-designed ear cushions and one pair of foam inserts. Together they can extend the lifespan of your earmuff and improve its performance. Replacing the old ear cushions is easy: just pop out the old ones and snap the new ones into place. Replacement is recommended every six months; more frequently if your earmuff sees heavy use in the workplace. Howard Leight Hygiene Kits extend the performance and lifetime of our earmuffs. Each package includes one pair of replacement ear cushions and one pair of foam inserts. Snap-in ear cushions are standard on all Howard Leight earmuffs. Recommended replacement every 6 months with general use, more frequently with heavy use. This product is for our Howard Leight Impact Sport, Impact Sport MIL, Sync Radio and Sync Electo earmuffs.

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