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Howard Leight Leightning L1 Hearing Protection Earmuffs, Slimline #R-01524

Howard Leight Leightning L1 Hearing Protection Earmuffs, Slimline #R-01524

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The Howard Leight Leightning L1 Offers affordable, reliable hearing protection for shooting, working in loud environments, or simply blocking out extraneous noise.

Air Flow Control technology provides superior ear safety by managing the flow of air inside the earcup to reduce noise across all frequencies. The adjustable padded headband features a steel wire core for added durability.

Exterior foam padding in the headband combines with the super-soft ear cushions to offer unparalleled comfort, while eliminating the “squeezing” sensation that’s common to other earmuffs. Snap-in replaceable ear cushions allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • Affordable earmuff with contemporary, low-profile design ideal for shooting sports and other applications like industrial, yard work, power tools, work/study, music/concerts, travel etc.
  • Super-soft ear cushion eliminates "squeezing" sensation on head; snap-in feature allows for quick and easy cushion replacement.
  • Headband features telescopic adjustment for custom fit, steel wire construction to withstand demanding use, and deluxe padded foam to maximize comfort.
  • Earcup features Air Flow Control technology to reduce sound across all frequencies without increasing earcup size or weight.
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 25dB
  • Model: R-01524

The Leightning L1 (R-01524) has a Noise Reduction Rating of: 25dB
The Leightning L2 (R-01525) has a Noise Reduction Rating of: 27dB
The Leightning L3 (R-03318) has a Noise Reduction Rating of: 30dB

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