Ka-Bar Ek Model 4, Double Edge + Celcon Sheath, Made in USA #EK44

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KA-BAR is excited to introduce its first and much anticipated John Ek Commando Knife Co. product, the Ek Model 4. This updated version of the old jungle fighting knife is made from 1095 Cro-Van and features a parkerized blade, textured glass filled nylon handles and traditional X-head fasteners. A US-made Celcon® sheath with retaining strap, self-locking function and multiple tie-down points is also included. Please note, due to state regulations KA-BAR cannot ship the Ek Commando Presentation knives to CA or MA. To learn more about the history of Ek, the identification of historical Ek knives, and to join the Ek Knives mailing list, visit the brand new Ek website at EkKnives.com.


Item not eligible to be shipped to the following: [CA, MA, NY]

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