Lansky Curved Hone Set Sharpener, 4-Pack, Coarse-Medium-Fine-Ultra Fine #HRSET

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The new Lansky's Curved Blade Hones were developed to aid in the difficult task of sharpening inwardly curved blades such as karambit, kukri or hawkbill. The Curved Blade Hones comes in 4 different grits; Coarse, Medium, Fine and Ultra Fine. The Coarse and Medium grits will use alumina oxide abrasive, where the Fine and Ultra Fine will feature Silica Carbide abrasive. The full set of these new hones includes everything needed to bring any dull or damaged inwardly curved blade to razor sharpness. These Hones are mounted on color coded holders that are finger grooved for slip resistance. These are replacements or upgrades for the Lansky Knife Sharpening Systems.

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