Lansky Diamond Ceramic 4 Rod Turn Box Knife Sharpener, Medium/Fine Grit #TB-2D2C

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Ideal for keeping in a kitchen drawer or workshop bin, the compact Lansky Sharpeners Diamond/Ceramic 4-Rod Turn Box is a very stable and compact knife sharpening system. The Lansky turn box family of knife sharpeners is also great for outdoorsmen on the go because it is lightweight and stores easily into a backpack. It only takes a few swipes to maintain an edge (a bit more if you have a really dull knife). There are two pre-set knife sharpening angles in the wood block: 25 Degrees- for most kitchen knives. Provides a sharp durable edge. 20 Degrees- for acquiring a very sharp edge, ie for filet knives or cutting tomatoes. Lower degrees result in sharper knife but require more regular maintenance. This 2-Stage Knife Sharpening System features a hardwood turnbox with internal rod storage in the base two 5" long medium diamond rods and two 5" long fine ceramic rods.

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