Lansky Master's Edge 5 Rod Sharpener For Straight & Serrated Knives #MEDGE1

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Lansky Master's Edge Sharpening System Sharpens both straight and serrated knives. The new Master's Edge Sharpening System includes a pair of both medium (grey) and fine (white) ceramic rods for sharpening and professional grade polishing. Also included in the system is the new medium ceramic triangular rod which will sharpen all types of serrations as well as awls and fish hooks. Features three of the most common sharpening angles: 17º, 20° and 25°, a rubber non-slip base, easy snap in rod storage, and an integrated hand guard. The Master's Edge Knife Sharpener has pre-set, 17º, 20º and 25º, rod angles for a precision edge: 17º Fine angle: for fillet and fine slicing 20º Fine angle: for slicing, butcher, paring and skinning knives. 25º Medium angle: for hunting, camping, utility and chef’s knives.