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Lansky Mini Crock Stick, Red, Portable Knife Fish Hook Sharpener Keychain #LCKEY

Lansky Mini Crock Stick, Red, Portable Knife Fish Hook Sharpener Keychain #LCKEY

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The Mini Crock Stick Sharpener with key chain is a compact, lightweight and versatile knife and fish hook sharpener. It features two removable alumina ceramic sharpening rods that are easily positioned for fish hook sharpening, or easy cleaning. USING YOUR LANSKY MINI CROCK STICK Step 1 - Place on a solid, flat surface at a comfortable height. Step 2 - Be sure the sharpening rods are securely held by clips. Step 3 - Hold the base firmly with fingers and hand away from knife blade. Step 4 - Hold the knife with the blade straight up and down as though you were going to slice bread. Step 5 - Begin sharpening by placing the heel of the blade below the top end of the rods. Slice down and across the rod drawing the blade toward you as you come down the rod, keeping the blade at a 90° angle. Repeat on the opposite rod with the opposite edge of the blade. Right or left hand operation makes no difference. • SHARPENING POINTED OBJECTS Step 1 - The rods can be placed in the provided groove and manually held side by side in the provided groove (see fig. 1) for sharpening fishhooks, darts or other pointed objects. Step 2 - DON’T HURRY! Pay attention to what you are doing. Sharpening is an inherently hazardous activity. Each stroke produces a sharper edge. The Crock Sticks absolutely won’t cut you, but a carelessly handled blade can! Cleaning Instructions The black lines on the rods are steel from your blade. Turn the rods to expose clean, unused surfaces. When the rods become totally black, it’s time to clean them with a Crock Stick EraserBlock or kitchen cleanser. Be Smart, Be Safe and Stay an Edge Above the Rest! CAUTION: Knife sharpening is an inherently dangerous activity. Used properly this sharpener cannot hurt you but a carelessly handled blade or pointed object can.
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