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MAGLITE ML300L Accessory Bundle #ALXD82B

MAGLITE ML300L Accessory Bundle #ALXD82B

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  • The ML300L accessory bundle includes:
  • White Safety Wand - Turns the ML300L into an area light. Can also be used for emergency signaling. Attaches to the end of the flashlight. 
  • Barrel Storage Unit - Designed to hold a few of your everyday carry essentials it is the perfect companion accessory for your Maglite flashlight. 
  • Plain Leather Belt Holder for Maglite D-Cell Flashlights
  • Accessory Pack For Maglite D-Cell Flashlights Includes: Lens Holder/Anti Roll Device - Retains a colored lens and helps prevent the flashlight from rolling off irregular surfaces. Colored Lens Set (Red/Blue/Clear) - The red lens is used to help maintain “night vision.” General applications include: aircraft, boats, ships, military operations, police and security work. The blue lens helps penetrate through smoke and fog.
  • Two Mounting Brackets and four fasteners. Allows the user to mount the flashlight in a convenient location, in your car or truck, garage workstation, or in the house for quick access if the power goes out. 
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