MAGLITE ML50L LED 3-Cell C Flashlight, Black #ML50L-S3015

MAGLITE ML50L LED 3-Cell C Flashlight, Black #ML50L-S3015

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Whether you're a professional using a flashlight for work or security,an outdoor enthusiast who takes it camping, or an occasional user wanting it for emergencies at home or on the road, our New ML50L C-Cell LED is The Light For All Your Needs. With Eco mode, up to 153 Hours With the familiar "Quick-Click" system users can, within the "General" function set, choose Full Power (maximum Lumens): Low Power (up to 105 Lumens); or Eco Mode - a super power saving mode that yields up to 20 Lumens with greatly extended run-time. As seen below, there are three additional function sets - Outdoor; Law Enforcement; and Military - each offering a different set of functions invoked in a different sequence, for quickest access to the functions the particular user prefers. The IMPROVED,faster-handling focus system now adjusts from spot to flood with less than 1/4 turn of the head.


  • Offers a powerful projecting beam with an advanced focus system that adjust from spot to flood with less than 1/4 turn of the head

  • Balanced optics, combining a highly refined reflector with a quality LED, for a brilliant adjustable beam

  • intelligent energy source management balancing high brightness with extended battery life

  • Renowned for its quality, durability and reliability

  • Multi-mode electronic switch allowing the user to quickly toggle between the five available modes


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