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Uvex Protege Metallic Black Safety Glasses with Clear Anti-Fog Lens #S4200X

Uvex Protege Metallic Black Safety Glasses with Clear Anti-Fog Lens #S4200X

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Designed with proprietary Uvex Floating Lens technology, our sporty Protege model is one of the lightest safety glasses on the market (27.5 grams / less than one ounce). Featuring an expandable wraparound brow, soft temple tip pads and a soft, flexible nose piece, Proteege protective eyewear provides workers with exceptional comfort and style. Protege Safety Glasses offer the highest available impact safety: military V0 ballistic test protection against impact energies 7X higher than ANSI requirements (on select tints). They are also certified to meet CSA Z94.3 standards.

Uvex Protege Safety Glasses are available with multiple lens tints to suit almost any work environment. Uvex stands for "Ultra Violet Excluded", which means our safety glasses employ specifically formulated resins that filter 99.9% of the UV radiation in accordance to the U6 scale of the Z87 standard. Uvex has also developed Spectrum Control Technology (SCT), which incorporates unique dyes designed to absorb select wavelengths of radiant energy (light). Our anti-glare glasses, tinted safety glasses and safety sunglasses are designed to manipulate light to reduce a spectral hazard, or to provide distinctive filtration for specific safety eyewear viewing tasks. Examples include filtering solar radiation to reduce glare, and blocking radiation from welding to protect workers around these operations. Multiple anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings are also available.

The new HydroShield technology provides our best anti-fog lens coating, keeping your vision clear up to 90X longer than most other competitive anti-fog safety glasses. The Uvextreme anti-fog coating offers great, dual-action performance under demanding hot and humid conditions for long lasting fog-free performance. Our Ultra-Dura hardcoat makes for some of the toughest scratch-resistant safety glasses in the world. Permanently bonded to the lens, it offers unparalleled scratch and chemical resistance. The dual anti-fog/anti-scratch Dura-Streme coating combines the benefits of our industry-leading Uvextreme anti-fog coating and our Ultra-Dura anti-scratch hardcoat. While the advanced anti-fog properties of Uvextreme help keep the interior of the lens clear from fogging, the rugged properties of Ultra-Dura protect the exterior of the lens from scuffs and scratches, adding up to three times more life to lenses.

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