Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Earmuff, Omni Microphone + Batteries, Black #RSEM

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You might not think wearing ear protection while hunting or shooting is a big deal, but even the crack of a .22 can cause irreparable damage to your hearing. Invest in these Walker's Razor Hearing Protection Earmuff (Certified Refurbished) for your hearing's sake. This isn't your everyday hearing protection. These ear muffs feature 2 omni directional microphones and a noise reduction rating of 23 dB. They also boast full dynamic range HD speakers and a sound activated compression reaction of 0.02 seconds. Enjoy independent volume controls with the recessed control knobs, as well as the audio input jack and comfortable wire frame folding headband. These headphones are powered by 2 included AAA batteries. Once your hearing's gone, it's gone forever, so choose these Walker's Razor Hearing Protection Earmuff (Certified Refurbished) so your kids and grandkids don't have to yell in your ears tomorrow.

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